Ace Tech USA | About us
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Welcome to ACE TECH

Ace Tech, Inc. is comprised special business units that specialize in their own unique packaging machinery and/or packaging materials products. Individually, our companies are industry-leading suppliers to the key targeted markets they serve. Combining forces collectively within our operating units enhances our strength in products while reinforcing Acetech,Inc. as a global supplier of packaging solutions. This is benefit particularly designed to assist  in locating and providing the best products for our customers.

Automative Manufacturing Total Solution

Alabama, USA

Jan. 2013

Established: Jan. 2013 : Ace Tech Inc.

Location: 261 Welch Ave. Union Spring, AL 36089

Employees: 49

Factory Space: 90,000 sq. ft. (Lands: 5 Acre)

Welding/Fabrication Shop : 50,000 sq.ft

Robot Overhaul/Training Shop : 20,000 sq.ft

Storage : 20,000 sq.ft


Apodaca, Mexico

April. 2015

Mexico Plant : Established: April 2015

Location: Apodaca, Mexico

Employees: 9

Factory Space: 10,000 sq. ft

Marketing/Design/Prototype Fabrication

Robot Overhaul/Training

Service Maintenance

Professional Approach to Customer

Because of our professional approach to customer service and our focus on packaging automation, ACE TECH, Inc. has attracted the finest talent available within our industry. Our sales professionals, skilled service technicians, and customer support personnel are the backbone of our business. each of our employees is cross-trained in several disciplines and works with a team spirit that is not a cliche but an inspiration


Design/Sewing Returnable Package

Design/Fabricating Dolly Pallets

Fabricating & Installing Storage Racks

Fabricating Other JIGs

Robot Overhaul/Maintenance Service

Rigging Service for Robots & Machineries